Envisio gives you strategy visibility, monitors performance and enhances decision making

Strategy Monitoring Software is used by organizations across the globe to enhance strategy implementation, outcomes and reporting. Tracking strategic and corporate plans using Word and Excel spreadsheets is often problematic, clunky and quite time-consuming. Unless your teams can visualize how their roles and responsibilities fit into the strategic plan, it can be difficult to get their buy-in and full commitment to achieving corporate goals.

The use of Strategy Monitoring Software to monitor corporate strategy performance is a method that has been around for decades. In recent years, organisations have put more and more focus on delivering business goals via a formal strategic plan. Successful strategy implementation is reliant on your organisation understanding and embracing the alignment between organisational goals and operational activities. Your staff must understand how their roles fit into the corporate strategy and importantly, how their performance, success and issues management affect overall strategic outcomes.

Envisio Strategy Monitoring Software enables you to track every element of your strategy so you can effectively guide its success. Envisio enables you to take total control, aligning your goals to tasks, assigning responsibilities to individuals and using live performance dashboards to monitor the progress of each strategic element. When you want to discuss your strategic performance with employees or stakeholders, with the click of a button, real-time and customised reports are generated. With accurate data presented just the way you want it, performance analysis and informed decision making just got a whole lot easier.

Achieve better strategic oversight with your goals and performance measures analysed in one place

The Envisio Strategy Monitoring Software platform is designed with simplicity in mind. Training staff takes only a few hours and after that they are able to independently enter data aligned to their tasks. These status updates become live on the platform instantly and the Envisio software automatically feeds the inputs up the predefined organisation structure, automatically alerting the next employee in approvals chain that their updates are required. This employee then can review the status update, enter their own commentary and data and forward on the report. Envisio Strategy Monitoring Software continues to roll up the report until the desired reporting level is reached.

Envisio Strategy Monitoring Software always displays live data via active performance dashboards, so no more waiting to see the outcomes in the next reporting cycle. Analysis of goal performance can be conducted at time and at any level of the process.

Envisio Strategy Monitoring Software means that organisations can now predict potential performance outcomes, quickly see strategy elements that are at risk and celebrate staff who are delivering on their performance targets. Want additional value? The Envisio Strategic Performance Software platform also aids in corporate transparency enabling users to see their performance data, but also that of other teams as well being able to track the progress of goals at a corporate level (of course, restrictions can be applied as needed).

Teams that are strategically engaged are 26% more efficient, resulting in increased revenue

How can Envisio Strategy Monitoring Software help you

Envisio provides the ultimate tool to build and maintain a responsive, engaged, and cohesive organisation.

At SureLink, we wouldn’t use anything other than Envisio Strategy Monitoring Software. Here is why Envisio outperforms other Strategy Monitoring Software:


Envisio strategy monitoring software enables your company’s strategic objectives to be seamlessly cascaded through all levels of your organisation to any staff that influence your success. Your staff confidently focus their time and efforts towards achieving defined goals at all levels, instead of trying to manage the strategy.

DEPLOY your strategic objectives throughout your organisation with the click of a button.
VISUALISE your strategic goals as they cascade through your organisation.
UNDERSTAND which actions are being performed in line with your strategy and which employees need additional support.


Realise the benefits of deeply engaging your people with meaningful direction so that they can comprehend big-picture work programs. Highly engaged teams result in higher productivity and using Envisio strategy monitoring software aligns teams towards achieving a common goal.
Your employees will understand the role that they play in achieving corporate targets and by doing so will feel motivated and valued.

EXPLAIN your corporate strategies using high definition videos so everyone understands the importance of your goals and is on the same page.
SHOW staff exactly how their performance helps to achieve your organisation’s key strategic goals.
TRANSPARENCY share real-time progress updates with your people – automatically.


Obtain real-time data and information regarding the performance of your strategies and track the progress of your goals – anytime you like. Envisio strategy monitoring software gives you access to a suite of powerful tools which can be used to monitor success, plus develop and maintain a performance-based culture built on accountability.

INTELLIGENT algorithms provide status updates on your strategies and goals – all in real time.
MILESTONES are tracked providing a framework of strong goal planning and strategic reporting.
NOTIFICATIONS are automatically sent to you when goals begin to fall behind targets.


Envisio strategy monitoring software empowers all employees by providing powerful tools which let them operate collaboratively on projects and targets to achieve their organisation’s goals, while sharing status updates and information. Harness the benefits of collaboration by using Envisio tools to break through barriers like office geographical locations and time-zones. Envisio strategy monitoring software is a cloud-based solution which even enables collaboration with people who are external to your organisation!

DYNAMIC goal-focused work groups and teams formed from skilled staff based anywhere in your organisation.
SOCIALISE goals and progress updates, creating a culture which is informed and collaborative.
MEASURE collaboration and synergy in departments and organisation to understand ways to improve it.


Understand which of your strategies are working well and why enabling repetition of your successes. Envisio strategy monitoring software gives you very powerful data which can be easily analysed for performance outcomes, workflows and how successfully your strategy is being implemented.

DYNAMIC goal-focused work groups and teams formed from skilled staff based anywhere in your organisation.
SOCIALISE goals and progress updates, creating a culture which is informed and collaborative.
MEASURE collaboration and synergy in departments and organisation to understand ways to improve it.


Envisio’s strategy monitoring software uses powerful ‘role-based' architecture meaning that if any staff member leaves, either permanently temporarily, their knowledge remains with you. All updates, goals, documents, notes and knowledge is tied to roles, not individuals. This means that when people move on due to maternity leave, resignations or promotions, any task, goals or reporting requirements can be re-allocated as required.

ACCELERATE the success of new employees by providing them with the knowledge and experience of their predecessors.
LEARN from prior failures and successes by utilising your goal-archive.
SMART Envisio strategy monitoring software architecture adapts easily if people move away from their regular roles over extended time periods.

Envisio strategic planning software is leading the way in providing Education, Government, not-for-profit sectors and private companies with a highly intuitive platform for planning and monitoring strategic plans. Envisio is a highly respected GovTech100 listed company and has been adopted by hundreds of organisations throughout eight countries.

Organisations using Enviso software