Implement your strategy and monitor performance

So you have a strategic plan, now the challenge is not letting it sit on the self. You have put a lot of time and resources into developing your strategic plan and now you need to begin to implement the goals and challenges to experience the success that you desire.

First of all, we need to fully understand all of the ways that a strategic plan can be used. By understanding this, we can truly see how a strategic plan can be integrated into an organization, rather than being simply a complex document that was created in a boardroom.

Secondly, it is very important that a strategic plan is “implementation friendly”. By this, we mean that a strategic plan is written in a way that everyone in the organization understands. The more specific and clear the language that is used in the strategy the higher chance of it being implemented. The key is to be able to communicate your strategy using simple terminology so that anyone who reads your strategy, even if they are not from your industry, would understand what you are trying to implement. Your strategy needs to be crystal clear in its intent, specific actions are understood and the roadmap is easy to follow.

Strategic Plan Versatility

Creating a meaningful strategic plan, one that is readable, clear, inspiring one that announces to your team, this is the way that we are headed.

Once you have done that your strategic plan can be tabled at any time that your organization needs to:
1. clarify its goals and future direction
2. make important decisions
3. satisfy governance or legal requirements
4. seek financial contribution from banks or investors
5. employ new staff or to excite existing teams
6. evaluate the current success
7. develop short-term activity plans
8. prioritise work tasks
9. assess employee performance including management and board members
10. inspire and inform the community of achievements

Strategy Implementation

Maintaining the focus
Keeping the organisation focused on the strategy over the long-term is generally quite difficult. Organizations can be easily distracted, instead wanting to take on other projects and tasks that may often appear as a priority. Therefore it is very important to identify elements which are part of the strategy and highlight what isn’t included. Establishing clear priorities helps to stay focused on the goals supported by the leaders.

Aligning the organisation
Ensuring the organisation is structured correctly for the strategy is an important element. Make sure that you have the best people employed in key positions to drive that strategy forward. Look at the key processes that go across your organisational functions, particularly focusing on the ones which really drive customer value. Streamlining these processes greatly assist in goal achievement as your organisation’s structure is not fighting against the strategy you are trying to implement.

So having a strategy that is very clear and concise combined with compelling leadership who can steer it successfully forward will align the organization and the strategy together in a cohesive and purposeful direction.

By implementing those things well you can create a competitive advantage, maintain momentum and give your organisation the best chance of achieving your strategic goals.


Powered by Envisio Strategic Management Software

At SureLink, we understand the value of implementing practical business solutions and the outcomes that can be experienced when corporate strategies are embraced by an organisation. This is why we empower organisations all over Australia with the right tools to not only embed their strategy throughout their business but also to fully understand its impacts, performance and current issues.

As business leaders, we understand that for a strategy work, it needs to be fully understood by teams and management. Educating your staff on the role they play in your business direction is often challenging with many false starts and loss of momentum during the initial implementation phase. We find that staff often fail to fully appreciate their role and the operational actions that they are required to complete each week, month or quarter to ensure that the organisation achieves strategic success. So, how is the best way to roll-out a strategy?

Monitoring strategic plans and performance measure using Word documents and Excel spreadsheets can be quite time-consuming, makes data appear disjointed and makes the monitoring process vulnerable to human error. Strategic performance software takes the pain out of manually trying to monitor and understand the performance of your organisation’s strategy and provides better alignment between organisational goals and operational actions. For your strategy to succeed it is critical your teams understand where their roles and duties fit into the bigger picture. Only then can you roll out a strategy that delivers performance-based outcomes and addresses your corporate direction.

Envisio Strategic Planning Software Solutions

At SureLink we use Envisio Strategic Planning Software to bring strategies to life and drive successful outcomes. Envisio’s unique platforms give total visibility across each strategy. Envisio assigns tasks and responsibilities to roles within your organisation, allowing status updates to be rolled-up through your organisation with results automatically fed into customised reporting templates. Performance measures and outcomes are recorded in real-time and held securely in one database, allowing you to drill down into any action whenever you need to understand more about your performance.

Envisio strategic planning software uses a very intuitive platform which is logical and simple to use giving your management team complete control and visibility over your strategy. Implementing a strategic vision and direction which is embraced by your staff is the best road to success.

As Australian distributions of Envisio strategic planning software, SureLink can plug your organisation into this innovative and powerful software, so like other leading organisations in eight countries, you too can realise your full strategic potential.

At SureLink we partner with small or large organisations engaging with CEOs, executive leadership teams, managers and business leaders to help solve critical strategic objectives and business challenges. Our team of business consults use their industry knowledge and well-developed business experience to drive your strategic ambition and implement change. Our customised solutions achieve not only short-term fixes, but continue to deliver your strategic outcomes well into the future. We find solutions to today’s issues and pave your way to long-term productivity, growth and success.

Regardless of the complexity or your strategy or organisational structure, Envisio strategic planning software can handle it.

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