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Research shows that website visitors only spend an average of 7 seconds or less on 90% websites which they visit. This means that you have only a few precious moments to get your message across – what you do and who you are, what your company stands for, and why are the number one choice. As you can see making an immediate first impression is critical to your online success, which is why website development is so important.


Engaging and meaningful content is king

Today’s business owners understand how having engaging content and a well-structured website can create a competitive advantage when showcasing their company’s services and products. But with research showing that 80% of people don’t look beyond the first page of search engine results, a lot of companies are vying for the top positions in search engines. Simply creating a website, without the correct website development and hoping that the occasional customer may stumble upon it or having a ‘set and forget’ mentality will quickly see your organisation lose market share.

The last ten years or so has seen search engines grow to a point where they are now the default place where people find information, hence people now use the term “Google it” so much. Search engines have created sophisticated algorithms that are constantly analysing people’s search habits and ranking content from millions of websites according to search relevance and popularity. Popular search engines like Google enforce their algorithms by using a robot to crawl the background of every website. Their robots search for compliance with their rules and conditions, including website architecture designed to improve user experiences.

So just having a great looking website design is not enough; it is now critical to engage the user to create a positive experience, which is why website development is so important.

The internet is now a very competitive marketplace and successful company websites need to:

  • supply search engines with efficient architecture which is easy for search engine robots to crawl;
  • provide rich content that is relevant and engaging to the preferred audience;
    be built in formats which are easily displayed on any mobile device or desktop computer; and
  • (most importantly) meet the minimum requirements of search engines.

Website Development - Latest websites trends

Innovative and modern SEO and website development companies like SureLink in Brisbane understand that search engines have developed complex algorithms that analyze the amount of time your visitors spend on your website and what activities they do when they are there. So, if someone visits your website and then leaves within 10 or 20 seconds, search engines may come to the conclusion that the visitor didn’t find what they were looking for. If this happens on a regular basis, which is often the case when a website has poor or limited content, it is likely to be detrimental to your search engine rankings.

This huge and recent change in search engine algorithms is set to change the way websites are designed and ranked. Our SureLink SEO gurus were some of the first online marketing experts to find this secret which is only now beginning to be fully understood by the broader internet community. The way on-page SEO is done into the future is changing quickly, so to maintain your competitive edge it is critical that your website is formatted and designed to keep visitors on your website for longer. Here at SureLink, our website development experts know how to master algorithm changes and maintain rankings at the top of the search engines over the long-term.

Give the Search Engines what they love

As we have explained, having a website design that is developed correctly using effective SEO techniques is so important to your online success. So, your website design and marketing strategy needs to be at the cutting-edge, engaging and technically superior to your competitors. Our website design team are experts in providing innovative solutions, are focused on extending your market reach and passionate about increasing your website rankings and performance. With SureLink on your side, your website design will be giving the search engines exactly what they love while providing streamlined buying cycles, better user experiences and enhancing your website rankings.

So, whether you are having trouble tracking and understanding your website’s return on investment (ROI) or need a proven website design to commence a new business venture, we have an expert team that you can rely on to ensure your success. We are friendly, professional and know what strategies and techniques works, so talk with us today and realise your online potential.

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