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We provide a range of business consulting services designed to help you get the best out of your business operations and teams. Our experience across a large range of industry sectors enables us to create innovative and practical solutions that are easily understood and implemented throughout your organization.

  • Small Business Consultants
  • Do you need a small business consultant?

    Small businesses evolve and thrive through hard work, in-depth product knowledge and the market expertise of the business owner. The vision is often a simple one; to do a much better job than the other operators in your niche and to earn money whilst being your own boss. These are the ingredients needed for a success story – well in the short term, at least.

    In the long-term these points come into play:

    • What about the future vision? How will this vision be realised?
    • What about the investment required? What marketing strategy should be implemented?
    • How can you capture more market share and what opportunities exist that will generate the best financial returns? How will your strategy be executed?
    • What path are your competitors taking and should you follow them?
    • What human resources plan do you need?
    • How will you measure your success?

    The answers to these questions are not always easy for small business owners to figure out while they are managing their day-to-day operations and juggling their family and/or personal lives at the same time. However, small business consultants are here to help and provide a specialist area of advice. Our small business consultants provide expert knowledge, expertise, and innovation in designing effective business strategies and online marketing functions which takes these components to the next level.

    Successful strategies that are built for growth include (as an absolute minimum):

    • clearly defined goals
    • actions that will ensure goals are achieved
    • defensive strategies which mitigate competitor activity
    • plans to increase market share in existing niches as well as targeting new markets, customer retention strategies to ensure sustainability.

    Clever strategies need to be a framework for obtaining success and a vehicle for taking goals from a pipedream to reality. You need to treat your small business like the bigger business you want it to eventually be.

    Small business consulting has always been a specialty of SureLink. Our small business consultants are experts in small businesses operations and strategies, with a strong history of identifying new opportunities and ensuring those opportunities are maximised. We are experienced in reviewing market trends (both local and national), and ensuring that your business has the vision and necessary preparedness to be best positioned to take advantage of shifts in markets. As we work with you, we will identify process improvement opportunities designed to improve cashflow and profits and provide you with the essential tools you need to achieve your goals.

    Small business strategy is not about a fancy heading and complex content on a glossy publication; it is about communicating the direction that your business is taking to your employees and other key stakeholders and the steps required to get there. It’s the blueprint for your future success for your small business.

  • Business Strategy
  • Business strategy: what’s underpinning business growth?

    Business strategy is critical for underpinning business growth. It supports continuous improvement while retaining focus on key levers which determine success. A carefully considered business strategy incorporates a review of competitive advantages, informs core opportunities and competencies,  and includes stakeholder and owner goals. Our business strategy consultants can design practical strategies for your business ensuring the implementation of considered and effective strategies which provides a vehicle to enable your goals to be met.

    Strategy consultants know that designing an appropriate strategic direction for your business is a necessary business process. Communicating and implementing a practical strategic vision for your stakeholders and team will encourage confidence and facilitate a joint effort to ensure its success. Getting this wrong may lead to unthinkable consequences.

    A clearly created and well thought out business strategy can’t just be developed, read to people once and then put into a draw until the next review date. It needs to be reviewed regularly, adapted to suit changes in markets and technology and then updated accordingly. Your goals can remain the same but sometimes the route to achieving these goals may change so it’s critical that your strategy remains a living document.

    SureLink business strategy consultants are experienced in business strategy design and always work collaboratively with clients. We will work with you to ensure that your business strategy encompasses any foreseen opportunities as well as threats with a continual focus on your short and long-term goals. Our processes can include:

    • Reviewing current business operations, including competitive landscapes as well as identification of any quick wins.
    • Analysis of consumer behaviour, market trends, and insights into market futures.
    • Planning key operational functions and tasks enabling long-term goal achievement.
    • Brand and online marketing strategies leveraging business strengths and targeting competitor weaknesses.
    • Resourcing and recruitment plans and strategies to embed the right skills within business function areas to enhance organisational results.
    • Implementation of electronic measuring tools ensuring efficient and effective analysis of performance indicators and key levers.

  • Business Review
  • Are you maximising your business opportunities?

    Many Australian businesses have good operators steering their organisations to wonderful opportunities. But there are occasions where opportunities are lost and the original objectives can be forgotten. This is often because of day to day challenges associated with running a business which can take precedence. Consequently, the competitive landscape shifts and operational effectiveness decreases.

    At SureLink our business consultants are experienced in conducting business reviews. When engaging our services, you are fully supported and as we are external to your organisation, we can perform an uncluttered investigation into business functions, competitor activities, and market trends. Removed from any internal organisational distractions, a SureLink business review can include:

    • Interrogating current operational procedures and process, highlighting inefficiencies and identifying cost-saving opportunities.
    • Reviewing the effectiveness of current online and local marketing strategies, ascertaining returns on investment (ROI) and recommending processes changes to increase value.
    • Performing organisational reviews, highlighting duplications in team responsibilities and providing recommendations to human resource strategies to enhance organisational effectiveness.
    • Financial analysis of business performance to identify key levers and improvements to gain efficiency dividends, including “what-if analysis” relating to impacts of movement of recommended key performance metrics.


    Are you finding yourself too involved in the day-to-day operations to capitalise on business opportunities? Or perhaps want to unpack what you need to do to take your business to the next level and create a forward strategy? If so, then there is no better opportunity to bring in an independent consultant with significant experience to review your operations, cement what is working and offer a fresh approach for your future. Start your journey to a better business by completing the form below and we will be in touch.

  • Project Management and Consultancy
  • Maximise your project outcomes and experience enhanced deliverables

    Each member in a business organisation has responsibilities and accountabilities which fill their working day. Consequently, the challenge for employers is how to deliver value-adding projects without compromising delivery of their teams’ core responsibilities. Recruitment of additional personnel isn’t usually a viable option due to upfront costs and once the project is completed, these new recruits are generally excess to normal business requirements.

    SureLink business consultants have the expertise and skills to provide one-off project advice or assume complete management of project delivery on your behalf. Essentially, our services help you avoid the recruitment of additional skilled personnel or the responsibilities of an expanded workforce using temporary staff. We have been engaged by a wide variety of organisations to deliver projects such as feasibility studies relating to business initiatives, managing behaviour change processes, identifying productivity improvements and sourcing and implementing third-party digital solutions.

    If your business is planning on embarking on a new project or are struggling with an existing project due to limited available resources, then you should speak with SureLink. The longer you wait, the longer you are delaying experiencing optimal operational or financial benefits, which could see one of your competitors get an upper hand.

  • Business Growth
  • Are you maximising your business opportunities?

    Business growth is rarely an accident; it occurs because of careful and specific planning and identifying and defining goals through a focused strategy.

    Before considering growth opportunities it is important to clarify what business growth means. To many, business growth simply means the business gets bigger though increases in profit or turnover compared to the same period last year. However, if your market has grown by 20% year on year and an individual business in the same niche has increased turnover 5% year on year, then has the business really grown? Or has the individual business simply failed to maintain their market share, meaning it has actually gone backward in that year?

    At SureLink, we believe business growth is when your growth has exceeded that of your competition, and therefore you have obtained a greater market share. It is about looking back and clearly demonstrating that the market growth occurred because of your business driving it, rather than your business growing because of the market dragging it along.

    SureLink business consultants can help your organisation design and implement a range of strategies to drive growth and increase market share. We can identify local and national market trends, and integrate planning to accommodate market shifts utilising our strategic and operational knowledge gained from a large cross-section of industry sectors. We will ensure your business has the right tools available, along with corporate awareness and foresight to ensure that your business growth exceeds that of your competitors.

  • Business Turnaround & Recovery
  • If your business is in trouble, SureLink can help you turn it around

    Unfortunately, some businesses run into trouble and we know that it’s often not the owner’s fault. Instances like local and national economics, market diversification, competitor advancements, customers failing to pay accounts and ineffective business strategies can all be contributing factors to your business success. Whatever the reason, and sometimes there can be multiple factors, the longer the problem is left, the more difficult it is for you to recover.

    Seeking help should not be considered as an admission of failure. It’s recognition that passion and belief in a business still exists and that focusing on the right business strengths will lead to improved cashflow, sustainable growth and increased profits. Often, the right support helps make the business stronger and more resilient against future challenges.

    SureLink has developed a reputation for delivering innovative and practical business solutions which have aided in the recovery of stagnating and low performing businesses. We will work with you to gain an understanding of your core business and team strengths, your goals and your current challenges and will recommend smart and efficient ways of making your goals achievable once again. Through research, thorough analysis, best practice and ‘what-if’ modeling, SureLink can provide the solution your business needs to make it great again.

    If your business is searching for solutions to external and externals stressors, let SureLink provide the roadmap. No matter how precarious your situation or how difficult the situation may be, our team are here to help you. Complete the form below to start the journey to a better business.

  • Goal Setting
  • Do you need better business outcomes? SureLink can help

    Discussing, investigating, debating and setting tangible business goals is critical to ensuring the correct levers are pulled, appropriate measurements are in place and there is a shared focus between executives, shareholders, and teams. Many small to medium-sized businesses fall short of having clearly defined and stated goals. Unfortunately, this often leads to a workforce which is disjointed and unclear of their key operational and strategic objectives.

    Working with SureLink will help you to establish new goals or refine existing ones, develop effective and measurable KPIs and integrate performance measuring tools.

    For example, there is a significant difference between trying to earn as much money as possible each month and trying to create a business that can be sold in 5 to 10 years’ time (for example). Your strategy regarding investing your business would be dramatically different, you would customise staff incentives differently, you would consider entering into long-term contracts very differently, and so on.

    Goal setting is a key element in building a roadmap for your business and these elements become the foundations of your business’ strategic plan. It enables your staff to understand your vision, establishes the strategic direction and ensures the key levers are at the front of everyone’s mind. Establishing your goals, building a well-structured roadmap and creating a solid business strategy is where SureLink’s experience can be invaluable.


    We love helping businesses be more successful. If you need a partner on your side that believes in what you are doing as much as you do, contact our team today.

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